Market update 07/16/2013

Hi Everyone!

For a brief audio file click the market update link at the top if you prefer to have me just skip to the good stuff!

It has indeed been a little while since we have posted a market update. I have included the graphs courtesy of the Ada County association of Realtors Watercooler blog, as written by Marc Lebowitz.

The numbers are continuing to improve, inventory has even started to come back as we are seeing the median home price for ada county soar over $200,000 for the first time this decade! Distressed property is also back down to a “normal” rate, and is on par with numbers we haven’t seen since 2007. Don’t take my word for it…a picture is worth a thousand words:

sales graph june 2013

median-price June 2013

distressed-property June 2013

Bottom line: now remains a great time to buy or sell property in Ada County.
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