If selling your home in Boise is in your future, then this is your year. The National Association of Realtors stated that March was a great month for the housing market. So if you are concerned that your home will sit empty on the market for months, you have no idea how wrong you are. Competition for homes is on the rise, which is actually leaving buyers very frustrated and unsure about what their futures hold. There is a high demand for homes and limited inventory, so everyone will want your home.  So, get your home prepared for the possibility of a flash sale!

As you can see from the graph above, Boise inventory is low. And take a look at the average day on the market. It is ridiculously low. So you won’t have to worry about having an empty home sitting, because you are looking at the possibility of multiple bidders, or even an offer above your asking price since so many people will want your home. So what are you waiting for? You know that it takes a lot more than a “For Sale” sign in your yard. You need a great agent who will be there to see you through selling your home in Boise. Here at Ferguson Realty Group, we keep our finger on the pulse of the market to assure that we provide you with the most up to date information on the real estate market. That way you know firsthand whether this is a hot or cold market, and right now, Boise is on fire! So if you are interested in selling your home in Boise, get started today!

Contact us if have any questions about selling your home in Boise. We are here waiting, with your best interest at heart, so call, or register online today. We are here for you!