Building Trust as a Real Estate Agent

Savvy agents on the path to success are well aware that trust can make or break your business. A lack of trust means no clients, no clients means no revenue, and no revenue means… well…. you get the idea. 

So how to build trust when you’re starting out, especially when you’re faced with a dauntingly competitive […]

Getting to Know the Basics of Property Management

There are many professions in real estate beyond working as an agent for buyers and sellers. Management can be a lucrative field with its market growing since 2009, but it can be a little overwhelming.Wondering if property management might be the right move for you? Here are five basic skills, strategies, and tips that you’ll […]

Why Do Testimonials Matter?

We live in a time where people are very aware that advertising is all around them, focused on getting them to spend their cash. 

Purchasing or selling a home is a big deal, and a lot of money can be on the line. You need potential clients to trust your business, and testimonials are there to […]

Staging the Perfect Home

Staging is all about impressing buyers and showing off the unique assets of a home. Research conducted by the National Association of Realtors® found that 82% of buyers’ agents said staging made it easier for a buyer to visualize living in the property; those numbers are no joke—effective staging speaks to buyers!

While homeowners are usually […]

10 Best Home Improvements to Recommend

Homeowners want to make the most value on their properties when they put them on the market, but finding the right home improvements to increase value can be difficult. There are tons of possible home amenities on the market that promise to improve value while being costly, impractical, and only passing fads. Here are […]

Get Your House Ready to Sell

It can be tempting to just skip preparations and get on the market fast, especially when homes are selling like hotcakes (like they are here in Idaho). While it is good to take advantage of favorable circumstances, it is still important for agents and buyers to communicate with one another and properly get the […]

Get Ready! — Informing Clients About Home Inspections

Home inspections can be a point of tension for all parties involved. The buyer wants to buy, the seller wants to sell, so what’s the big deal about having the home inspected? The truth of the matter is that clarity about an undisclosed (or simply unknown) problem ahead of time is always better than learning […]

Your Path to Success

Beginning a new chapter is always daunting and acquiring your real estate license to start your career is no exception.

It requires forethought, planning, and a whole lot of entrepreneurial initiative. Real estate is a market with risks, but also great rewards.

Here is a guide to planning your Continuing Education (CE) journey towards getting your real […]

The World is Your Seller’s Stage

When you show properties to potential buyers, you’re becoming a one-person theater company: you need to be a producer, director, stage manager, and even a little bit of an actor.

Home buyers aren’t usually interested in avant-garde, empty-stage productions, so you need to know every bit of your stage and have every furnishing in place.

Staging—the art […]

Four Courses on Law for Idaho Agents

The law is a complicated thing, and the difference between a proper and improper understanding of the law can have huge consequences for your business and your client.

Depending on your specialties, the properties you manage or sell, and your regional location, there are many different city, state, and federal laws you will have to know. […]