Homeowners want to make the most value on their properties when they put them on the market, but finding the right home improvements to increase value can be difficult. There are tons of possible home amenities on the market that promise to improve value while being costly, impractical, and only passing fads. Here are ten tried and true renovations that realtors and agents can recommend to homeowners that are functional and improve the value of their property. 

  1. Freshly Painted Walls (NOT Wallpaper)
    Simple, affordable, stylish. Interior designs and styles can change quickly, and a new coat of paint can make a room much more attractive to contemporary buyers. Avoid expensive wallpaper though! Wallpaper is much more risky because people tend to be pickier about patterns than simple colors—if someone wants to redesign a room, then expensive, hard-to-remove wallpaper might be disappointing. 
  2. LED Light Bulbs
    Another affordable and painless improvement. Light Emitting Diode (LED) bulbs are known for being energy efficient, long lasting, and inexpensive. Not only do these bulbs save energy, but they offer a wider variety of options than incandescent bulbs: LEDs can be focused, broadened, warm, cool, and come in a range of colors. Upgrading to LEDs brings the right light to any room in a house.
  3. Upgraded Boiler
    Traditional gas boilers are facing tough competition from environmentally-friendly, economic alternatives. Solar thermal, biomass, and electric combi boilers save energy, and be a big upgrade from old, warn out boilers that haven’t been touched in years. This is more intensive investment, but in a beautiful, nature-filled state like Idaho, green conscious home improvement can be a big selling point. 
  4. Improved HVAC
    Boilers aren’t the only heating devices that can get special treatment. Air-Source Heat Pumps are energy-efficient heating installations that deliver three times the heat to a home for the energy they consume. This can be a big money saver in the Mountain states where the mean minimum winter temperatures reach -20° F.
  5. Shower and Faucet Heads
    Traditional shower heads deliver 5-8 gallons of water a minute—that means a five minute shower can take 25-40 gallons of water! Low-flow shower heads are effective while offering less than 2.5gpm (gallons per minute) flow rates. WaterSense labeled faucets can also save homeowners on water and money!
  6. Insulated Walls
    We’re already in October, and the Treasure Valley is starting to get chilly! Insulating walls is a simple way to save energy and money, with the immediate benefit of eliminating drafts. Professional installation of foam insulation shouldn’t take more than a weekend with proper planning. 
  7. New Kitchen and Bathroom Floors
    Kitchens and bathrooms are some of the most heavily used rooms in any home. Keeping them clean and well-maintained is a big plus for most buyers, and sturdy, clean floors can really make these spaces stand out. New wood, tiling, or simple linoleum can be an investment for sellers, but has remained a staple of home improvement for good reason.
  8. Double-Glazed Windows
    Single-glazed windows are simply behind the times. Double-glazed (or even triple-glazed) windows significantly improve the insulation of a home, cutting down on drafts and chills. They also reduce noise from outside (particularly useful near busy roads or urban development) and prevent condensation from building up. Anyone who still has single-glazed windows in their home should consider this renovation. 
  9. Smart Technology (Doorbell, Thermostat, Security)
    Installing smart technology allows you to keep an eye from your home right from your phone or ipad. You can receive notifications when the doorbell rings, adjust the thermostat, or check security alarms and cameras even while away from home. Smart installations have become increasingly popular and are relatively cheap to install: a wired Ring Video Doorbell goes for only $59.99 on Amazon, and an Emerson Sensi Thermostat can be purchased for $91.41.
  10. Loft/Cellar Conversion
    It’s rarely a good idea to lose a bedroom, but converting a storage area into a living space will almost always add value to the home. With so many people looking for home offices and remote work spaces, this could be an opportunity to add a new interior that’s in high demand.

Technology advances quickly, and local governments will often offer tax incentives towards homeowners willing to install the right improvements. Staying up to date with the latest developments in tech, policy, and market demands is necessary when competing as a real estate broker. 

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