Parents, do you need a break? As lovely as your home is, and as much as you love your family, it may be time for you to have a night out. The Wings Center presents, Parents Night Out April 13th from 6:00pm to 11:00pm. Your children, ages 5 to 12 will be able to get out all of that extra energy and you will have a chance to relax. Take advantage of your few hours of freedom while your children are rock climbing, jumping on inflatable bounce houses, playing gym games, and playing in the foam pit. The Wing Center isn’t about sticking your kids in front of a movie, they want your children to run, jump, and play! There are always so many fun things to do in Boise.

Downtown Boise

All of that energy from being stuck inside during the cold winter days can be released and so can you! Don’t worry, they are being well supervised with licensed childcare professionals who will be right there, playing alongside your kiddos. Make sure they bring their socks, snacks, and lots of energy. The fee is only $18, which is much cheaper than a babysitter is. Check in is at 5:30 and be there to pick them up by 11:00pm. You really deserve a night out; let the Wing Center help you with that.

You can always contact us if you need any ideas of fun things you can do in Boise. We are here to remind you why you live in this city, or why you should. Enjoy your night of freedom!