Real estate is a complex world all its own, one that buyers and sellers only get a brief glimpse of. As a real estate agent, you need to feel totally at home swimming in the waters of the housing market, and ready to develop all the necessary skills to coordinate the buying and selling process.

This career choice isn’t for everyone, but a skilled agent knows how to work like a stage director—working all the different actors to complete a successful transaction. Here are ten qualities that successful real estate agents share.

1.      Charisma

Working in real estate means working with people, no “ifs”, “ands”, or “buts” about it. When you build your mailing list and design your advertising, you are selling your brand and your skills. Developing your speaking (and listening) skills, while valuing honesty, personability, and positivity, will be essential for your career.

2.      Knowledge of the Local Area

Houses have their own unique qualities and quirks, their location in the wider neighborhood being one of them. Two completely identical houses can seem very different depending on where they’re located. Developing a thorough understanding of the local neighborhood tells the client that you’re knowledgeable and helps you market your listings more effectively. It’s also essential if you plan to specialize or deal in a niche market.

3.      Integrity

Yes, being an agent means being a salesperson, but you don’t want to be that kind of salesperson. You need to be ready to commit to high ethical standards and ethical practices, while managing the finances and expectations of clients. If you’re not ready to be honest and to deal with nitty-gritty legal situations with integrity, this isn’t the career for you.

4.      Technological Know-How

You don’t have to learn a dozen programming languages to be a real estate agent, but you will have to manage social media, website backends, databases, automated mailing lists, and much more. Billboards and hand-mailed letters may have been enough back in the day, but it’s just a fact that real estate agents can’t be luddites if they want to get ahead. Developing some knowledge of online networking and useful software will help your outreach and your business management.

5.      Determination

Working as an agent means managing your own professional affairs. It’s a lot of responsibility. Every day you need to wake up and pursue success: finding new leads, marketing new listings, and closing more deals. Some days will feel like a walk in the park, other days will be frustrating or slow, but you need to have vision and grit to keep moving forward while growing your business.

If you’re reading this and feel like you might not have all these qualities, don’t worry! Nobody walks into the real estate game as the perfect agent, it takes time to get used to the trade and develop your skills. This list is a tool for you to mark your progress and locate room for improvement.

Continuing Education is a valuable resource for cultivating success and broadening your skillset. Find the right course package for your real estate business today.